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1 May 2013

Welcome to the new romans.co.uk

Author: Marketing

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Welcome to the new and improved Romans.co.uk.

Our new website has a clean design and easy navigation which enables you to access expert market information and relevant property services.

This redesign of our former award winning website places you, the customer, at the centre of the experience. Our new search facility enables you to see the number of properties we have available at different radiuses from your ideal location.

Recent research has indicated when searching for property, 95% of buyers and tenants primarily focus on the main image. In order to showcase your property to its full potential we are now using all the available space. With the introduction of our new Nikon D7000 cameras potential buyers and tenants will now be able to see a truer depiction of the scale and charm of your property, as the wide angle lens captures more of the room, even in minimal light. Click here to view our new property details.

To share our property expertise with our customers we have created essential guide pages to walk you through each step of your property journey. Whether you are looking to buy, rent, let or sell your property, our written and animated video guides will give you the insider top tips to ensure a successful and stress-free process.

Our property experts are also on hand to offer you bespoke advice via our Ask the Expert and FAQs facility. From Conveyancing to Lettings if you have a property related questions take advantage of our experts' experience and their insider secrets.

The staff at our 18 branches have unique and specialist local knowledge, so we have created dedicated web pages for each branch which tells you all you need to know about each area plus an introduction to the branch manager and video testimonials from our customers.

Over the next few months we'll be continuing to develop our digital channels to deliver the best customer experience possible. If you have any thoughts or comments regarding the new website please email marketing@Romans.co.uk

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