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13 Dec 2017

Buy new, not only will you save money, but you’ll also save the environment!

Author: Tim Foreman

According to the House Builders Federation, new build homes are 50% cheaper to run than their Victorian equivalents.

"New homes adhere to stricter energy efficiency legislation and developers of today are much more mindful of the impact their developments will have on the environment" explains Tim Foreman, Managing Director of Romans Land and New Homes.

Emissions are reduced…

By using recyclable materials on the home, the sustainable builds have a much smaller carbon footprint than their predecessors.

Fuel bills are too…

Not only are doors and windows in new builds more robust meaning the house is better insulated and requires less heating. Plumbing is also more efficient, with dual flush toilets reducing water bills significantly.

And, let’s not forget about energy efficient lighting and the maximisation of natural light to reduce the amount of artificial light needed, making yet another saving on home owners’ utility bills.

Surroundings encourage a greener lifestyle…

Most developments include bicycle storage space and are often close to public transport links - meaning you don’t need to use a car to get around, reducing traffic and pollution in the surrounding area.

To not only provide enjoyable communal spaces for residents, but to also cater for the wildlife, many development also feature green space and/or nature reserves ensuring the environment is taken care of.

To find out more about new developments coming soon to your local area, call 0333 9204 412 or visit romans.co.uk/newhomes

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