Is a landlord responsible for a carbon monoxide detector?

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5 Jun 2017

Is a landlord responsible for a carbon monoxide detector?

Author: Michael Cook

In short, yes!

Michael Cook, Romans Lettings Director explains: “It is a landlord’s responsibility to ensure that a carbon monoxide detector is fitted in any room within their rental accommodation which contains an appliance which burns solid fuel. Whilst gas and oil boilers do not fall within this category, it is still best practice to install alarms.”

Landlords who fail to comply with these regulations could face a fine of up to £5,000. As part of our landlord services, Romans Lettings Agents ensure we are fully up-to-date on all changes to legislation and will advise landlords on the laws with which they must comply.

It is a landlord’s responsibility to ensure alarms are fitted on the first day of the tenancy, thereafter it becomes the responsibility of the tenants to regularly check they are in full working order. It is also the responsibility of the landlord to replace the alarms every 5-7 years in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Michael continues: “ARLA now suggests that there are over 160 pieces of legislation landlords have to comply with. Many find this to be overwhelming and seek the support of a professional agent to help keep meticulous records and to stay up-to-date with ever-changing legislation.”

It is important that landlords maintain a legal record of the carbon monoxide checks on the day the tenancy begins showing that the alarms are in full working order. Keeping this record can help protect landlords against any unfounded claims and help them to avoid a costly fine. Romans’ landlords benefit from our detailed inventory and check-in services and through our online landlord accounts can access all of their important documents and records at the click of a button.

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