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12 Feb 2016

Six tips on how to add a touch of feng shui to your home

Author: Antony Gibson

Celebrate the Chinese New Year by spring cleaning your home and introducing positive energy and good luck by embracing the ancient art of feng shui.

Feng shui is all about creating strong, positive energy that attracts the best possible things into your life. The Chinese New Year of the fire monkey officially began on 8th February so Romans has explored how to reorganise your home to assure the feng shui energy is clear and fresh.

How to bring feng shui into your home

1. First and foremost: declutter

The rule of decluttering is one of the most basic principles of feng shui and it will immediately open up the flow of chi energy. Don’t just organise your cupboards and drawers though, ensure you fix or replace any broken appliances and light bulbs.

Where you place your furniture is also very important; you need to ensure there is a clear, unblocked path from one room to the next, and remember to focus on your bedroom as it is a vital function to the health of chi energy in your home

2. Give your front door more attention

As an estate agency, Romans understands the importance of creating kerb appeal to attract as many viewings as possible, and interestingly your front door is just as important in the art of feng shui.

Ensure your door opens widely and has attractive, clean hardware and paint, with a working doorbell or knocker and no unused nails sticking out of the frame. To allow positive energy to flow into your home you also need to ensure the front door is unobstructed, and there is nothing blocking the energy, such as broken pots, dead plants or bins.

And if you want to take it one step further, rather than a straight path leading up to your front door, a meandering path resembling water flow is favourable.

Fen shui house

3. The power of water features

Water represents wealth in feng shui, so you should place a fountain or water feature in your home’s wealth corners, which are the south east, south west and north. Alternatively, many people recommend having a water fountain by your front door.

Interestingly, you should never have a fountain under a stairway as this can cause misfortune to your children, and you should always make sure the water flows towards the centre of your home so that the wealth has an opportunity to pour into your life.

4. Precious energy can be found in your garden

According to feng shui, a garden in full bloom can bring good health and lots of financial luck, especially if you focus on the east and south east corners of your garden. You should, however, trim your plants and trees regularly to make sure you don’t block out the energy of sunlight.

Bamboos, oranges, and plum blossoms are often used during Chinese New Year decorating.

5. Buy a bamboo plant

If you don’t have a garden then you might consider simply buying a little indoor bamboo plant as it combines all five elements of feng shui; fire, earth, metal, water and wood! The wood is represented by the bamboo itself, the rocks surrounding the plant represent earth, the water used to feed your bamboo is the water element, the glass pot symbolises the metal, and many plants come with a red ribbon tied around it, which is the fire.

6. Decorate with the 2016 lucky colours

Finally, to truly embrace the Fire Monkey energy this year you might consider decorating your home with the six lucky colours; red, yellow, orange, purple, magenta, pink, green and brown.

Even if feng shui isn’t for you, decluttering your home is an excellent idea if you’re planning to sell soon, as Antony Gibson, Sales Director at Romans, knows only too well:

“In today’s competitive property market you need to make sure your home stands out. You often only have one chance to give potential buyers the right impression; whether they’re driving past your home, scrolling through properties online, or they’ve received an on online property alert from their local estate agents.

“I highly recommend looking at your home from a visitor’s point of view; something as simple as repainting the front door or mowing the front lawn can make all the difference. Decluttering is an absolute must; buyers want more for their money, so do what you can to create a feeling of spacious living accommodation.”

Find out more about how to boost the value of your home

Remember, there is a lot of competition between buyers at the moment, so if you’re planning on selling soon you may find you can get the price you want for your home without making any changes. Always talk to a local estate agent first, as they can provide you with an up to date property valuation and recommend the best way to present your home in order to appeal to as many buyers as possible.

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