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10 Oct 2018

Why you should get winter-ready this autumn

Author: Anthony Gibson

From the approaching storm Leslie to ‘The El Nino’ effect, making sure your home is well prepared for cold weather could be more important than ever. But don’t let this scare you! Here are some tips to make sure your home is warm and inviting to all visitors (including potential buyers) this autumn.


  1. Protect your pipes (and wallet!)

Pipe lagging (insulating pipes with foam tubes) is the best way to protect your pipes and can be fitted in seconds, no tools required! Not only this, lagging helps to keep your pipes hotter for longer making your heating much more efficient helping to keep those bills down.

Also when winter does come and the temperature drops, the chance of your pipes freezing and bursting skyrockets. With pipes that are external or those in unheated interior rooms (Garages, porchways & lofts) being most at risk, it is important that you get them wrapped up!


  1. Be 'Boiler Smart'

Just like us, boilers love to be looked after and that’s why getting your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer before the cold weather sets in is very important.

Waking up to no central heating and an emergency call out charge is the last thing you want to deal with on a wintery morning.

Getting boiler cover might also be worth a thought – this will ensure a qualified engineer will be on hand to fix any unexpected boiler or central heating problems as quickly as possible.


  1. Make sure you insulate

With around a quarter of heat in your house being lost through the roof, making sure your loft is insulated could help cut your heating bills significantly – maybe put these savings into your dream holiday home to help you escape the next bout of cold temperatures.

If you are looking for cheaper ways to stop the heat in your home escaping then try laying rugs on wooden floors to stop drafts, closing the curtains will stop heat escaping through the windows and if you have any lagging left from the pipes, cut them in half and slide onto the bottom of the doors as a quick fix draft excluder!


  1. Gut your drains and drain those gutters

Most people do not think of clearing their gutters and drains as being an essential job which can help keep the structural integrity of their house, but keeping them clean is a great way to protect your home.

With autumn bringing heavy fall of foliage it is more important than ever to make sure there are no chance of blockages when the wet weather arrives.

Gutters and drains are simply there to carry water away from the home, when blockages occur they stop doing this important role. As the water builds up within them it can cause leakages through the walls and roof of your home which ends up turning a very cheap and swift job to a very expensive and timely fix.


  1. The art of the deal

Don’t trump yourself - it always pays to check whether you are actually on the cheapest energy tariff, especially when the temperature drops.

Many people believe when they set up their energy tariff that they will always be getting the most for their money but this is not always true… you may actually save more money than you think by swapping.

Money Supermarket found, depending on energy consumption and home, that you could save up to £250* on their yearly energy bill by switching their current tariff.


  1. Get covered

Even though your house doesn’t need to wear jumpers or scarves, it is important that you make sure it is covered – with home insurance that is!

Check that your policy offers adequate protection for any winter-related damages as well as any events such as fire, theft or flooding. Many home cover policies do not offer accidental or storm damage as standard so if you do want to be left with peace of mind it may be worth talking to your supplier and adding it on!

If you are also jetting off for a longer period of time to avoid the colder months, then make sure that your insurance convers any damages whilst you are away as many have very specific clauses.

*Based on average saving for customers that applied to switch via MoneySuperMarket, March 2018

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