Hart named 'Best Place to Live in the UK by Halifax

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4 Jan 2018

Hart is once again named as ‘Best Place to Live in the UK’

Author: Antony Gibson

In the last six years, Hart, the district which encompasses Fleet, Eversley and Yateley has topped Halifax’s Quality of Life survey five times.

Halifax’s Quality of Life survey takes into account a number of factors when creating its league table including; residents’ health and life expectancy, wellbeing, earnings, employment, crime rates and weather.

Antony Gibson, managing director of residential sales explains; “We are seeing an increasing number of buyers and tenants seeking property in Hart and, with all the extra publicity the region has received since this report, I predict interest and demand will increase further. If you are thinking of selling, this may be an excellent time.

“With the price increase growth slowing of late, this is likely to provide a great boost to not only desirability of the area, but also - if competition between buyers and tenants increases - it may positively impact property values.”

Last year, Hart placed 26th on the Halifax table climbing back to the top spot after scoring highly in the 2017 ONS’ personal wellbeing survey. The ONS report found that nine in ten Hart residents reported fairly good or good health, had the longest life expectancy for woman at 86.7 years (and third for men) and, benefits from 2.8 more hours of sunlight than the average for the UK.

Russell Galley, managing director, Halifax, said: "Hart seems to have been offering residents an unrivalled mix of living standards for five of the last six years, seeing employment rates, average earnings and ONS personal wellbeing rankings bounce back after falling from the top spot last year.

"Along with Hart, many areas in southern England score strongly in categories including the labour markets and health."

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