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2 Mar 2018

We're committed to gender equality and plan to wear it purple for International Women's Day

Author: Vanessa Foot

To mark International Women’s Day on 8th March, Romans’ staff – both male and female, will be wearing purple to raise funds for the Africa Educational Trust, a charity which helps provide education to young girls in South Sudan who would usually be thought of as nothing more than a baby machine and not worthy of an education.

“Gender politics have become an emotive topic of late with the 100 year anniversary of women being able to vote and the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements sweeping the globe, International Women’s Day has provided us with the perfect opportunity to get behind this cause and make a difference” explains Vanessa Foot, Romans’ Culture and Community Engagement Manager.

Despite the property sector being a seemingly male-dominated environment, unlike many of our competitors, here at Romans we have strived to ensure that everyone is given equal opportunities for career progression. Across the business 54% of our employees are female working in a variety of roles ranging from our apprenticeship scheme all the way up to the executive board of directors of our parent company the Leaders Romans Group.

We want to encourage as many young women as possible to consider are career in property with us, so we’ve asked some of our leading ladies to explain how being a female in a male-dominated industry has impacted their career…

Vanessa Foot – Culture and Community Engagement Manager, Leaders Romans Group

I started my journey in the property industry as a Sales Negotiator, joining Romans as a Divisional Sales Manager. Back then I was one of the few females working in the branch, however, over 10 years’ later, I have progressed through the company being recognised for my performance rather than being held back by my gender. From being given the opportunity to head up the recruitment for Romans back in 2010, to my most recent promotion to Culture and Community Engagement Manager, the company has given me every opportunity to progress and develop.

Hannah Pentecost – Head of HR Operations, Leaders Romans Group

I work as the Head of HR Operations across the Leaders Romans Group. I have progressed from a HR Advisor since joining five years ago through the succession and development provided by the company. As a business we are very proud to have a strong female workforce. Across the group 66% of our employees are female and our Board of Directors reflects this very strong female presence. It is very empowering as a women to being led by a female strong board, especially in a male dominated industry.

Kiersty Sims – Head of Romans Marketing

Working for Romans over the past ten years has been fast paced. I've progressed from a Marketing Executive to Head of Marketing and so being a woman in an industry that has traditionally been led by men has not held me back. I'm pleased that within Romans, people who work hard and smart are rewarded and so I see many women in the company being promoted based on merit, ability and passion for their career. Romans as a company offers a number of employee benefits and being such a large organisation, can offer job shares for those with young children so they don’t need to choose between family life and their career.

Suzanne Glossop – Associate Director, Romans Land and New Homes

I started Romans over six years ago as New Homes co-ordinator and have since progressed to the role of Associate Director of the Land and New Homes division. I have progressed my career within Romans and, don’t feel that being a women has had a negative effect, our Board of Directors has both male and female representation which is a great motivator, showing that anyone can succeed in this company. Romans recognise and reward commitment and hard work and opportunities provided are related to this and not your gender

Gemma Gibson – Residential Sales Manager of Romans Maidenhead Branch

Despite working in a male dominated industry, I have found success in my career and progressed to Residential Sales Manager of the Romans Branch in Maidenhead. I have to say in some cases, not fitting the typical stereotype of being a male estate agent has its advantages and certainly can help when building relationships with clients who have a negative preconception. I have worked hard to gain the trust of my customers, my staff and the Senior Team & Directors. I have always been judged on my performance, not my gender and manage a team of predominantly male agents. We are all hugely respectful of each other – regardless of our gender and the dynamic works very well. I think it’s important that other young women who join Romans can see we have both genders in the Senior Team and some fantastic female role models who can offer advice and guidance. It’s encouraging for them to see that if you work hard you are rewarded regardless of your gender.

“As you can see, being a woman in a male-dominated industry has its advantages and here at Romans we give everyone equal opportunities to succeed.

“In addition to offering equal opportunity for male and female staff, we also strive to improve their work-life balance. We place a great importance on ensuring our staff can fulfil family commitments and employ a number of modern working practices including flexible working hours, job shares and, in some roles, the opportunity to work from home.

“I would urge anyone seeking a career change to contact me today to find out how you could progress your career at Romans”, Vanessa explains.

If you are interested in starting a career in the property industry and would like to find out more about working for Romans visit


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