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4 Apr 2019

Top tips for keeping your tenants happy (and to encourage them to renew their contract!)

Author: Grace Watson

Having reliable, long-term tenants who pay their rent on time, keep on top of maintenance and don’t cause a nuisance is what every landlord wants. So, working with your tenants to keep them happy will not only make your life as a landlord easier, but it will be significantly valuable in making your property investment more profitable.

Follow our top tips to keeping your tenants happy, and to optimise the chances of them renewing their lease:

1. Clarify the rules and regulations of your agreement

In order to make the tenancy run as smoothly as possible, establish what you expect of your tenants at the very beginning. When your tenants sign the contract, they are agreeing to your terms, so – providing you stick to your end of the deal, too – your tenants should be happy in the knowledge that they know exactly where they stand.

In addition, ensure you make any stipulations as specific as possible in order to avoid any confusion, and list what will be considered damage to the property and the approximate cost to repair it.

2. Keep on top of property maintenance 

Keep your tenants happy by taking care of any repairs quickly.  Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait weeks for malfunctioning appliances or broken furniture to be fixed, especially if you are a tenant paying for the privilege. If you opt for a Fully Managed service from your lettings agency, you do not need to worry about any repairs as these will be organised on your behalf – all you will need to do is sign off the costs.

If you are managing the property rather than a lettings agency, be sure to contact your tenants shortly after they move in to let them know that you are available should there be any issues. Tenants will be far more likely to stay in a property if they are proud of where they live, and are therefore more likely to reach out to resolve an issue that needs fixing.


3. Be sure to resolve any complaints as soon as possible

As a general guideline, all complaints should be resolved within a week. This will show your tenants that they are a priority and you take their complaints seriously. A slight delay could be warranted if their complaint is not urgent, for example a loose door handle or leaking tap, but other issues like a broken lock or window should be fixed immediately.

Finding solutions to problems promptly will show your tenants that you are a reliable landlord, and someone they are likely to want to continue renting from. However, if you choose to have your home Fully Managed by your lettings agency, all complaints will be handled proficiently on your behalf.

4. Respect the privacy of your tenants 

Although you have a right to inspect your property it would not be fair to drop in unannounced, so being a considerate landlord is paramount to keeping your tenants happy. Try to give at least 48 hours’ notice if you plan on visiting the property and, to avoid any conflict over the matter, be sure to include this clearly, as part of the tenancy agreement.

We recommend that landlords visit their properties at least once every six months to keep on top of any maintenance queries. This will ensure most problems are remedied early, before they become aggravating to the tenants and costly for you. Regular property visits and inspections are also included as standard, as part of Romans’ Fully Managed service.

5. Stay up-to-date with the latest legislation

As a landlord, it is your responsibility to make sure your property and tenancy conform with any changes in legislation, particularly when it comes to health and safety. Tenants are becoming better informed and will expect their landlords to be proactive when it comes to the rules and regulations of letting a property.

A recent example of a change in legislation is the Right to Rent scheme, whereby landlords housing tenants that do not supply valid documents to satisfy the requirements of the Immigration Act 2014 now face up to £3,000 worth of fines per person. Prior to any tenancy agreement, Romans ensure that all prospective tenants are fully vetted, according to the government’s Right to Rent guidelines.

Romans’ landlords are kept up-to-date on all legislation changes, and we also ensure any contractors we use are compliant, providing both landlords and tenants with peace of mind.


6. Make your investment homely 

Consider even the smallest things you could do to your property in order to make it more appealing, welcoming or aesthetically pleasing. Your tenants will likely notice the efforts and appreciate them, making them feel more comfortable in their new home and increase the chances of them wanting to sign a longer contract.



To find out more about Romans’ landlord services and how to keep your tenants happy, please get in touch by calling 0808 2732 075, or speak to one of our local property agents at your local Romans branch.


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