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26 Feb 2018

Do you want 33% more protection for your rental property?

Author: Michael Cook

If you market your property under our No Deposit Option, we will indemnify it for up to two months’ rent – that’s 33% more than the traditional deposit. 
Instead of paying a large upfront deposit, which for many tenants creates a financial barrier to renting, your tenants can opt to pay a small monthly fee instead. 
Not only will we indemnify the property in the case of damage for up to two months’ rent, at the end of the tenancy, we will also handle the check-out process and, if there are any damages, will liaise with the tenants to resolve the issue.
Part of this offering to tenants includes rental payments contributing towards their Experian credit scores (usually rent does not), so you have added peace of mind that your tenants are mindful of their credit score and have even more incentive not to default on payments. Once a tenant has made six consecutive monthly rental payments, Experian will begin to attribute their rent to their credit score.
Because of the short and long term financial benefits of the  scheme for tenants, this has become the preferred method of renting in many of our locations. So, aside from the peace of mind afforded by the extra indemnity, landlords also benefit from the extra interest from tenants when offering their property with this option.
To find out more about this pioneering scheme, get in touch with your local lettings expert on 01344 985 870

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