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25 Jun 2018

Get more protection and more marketing for your property by using Romans’ No Deposit Option


January 2019: The No Deposit Option has evolved to the Residency tenancy membership - find out more.

Under our new initiative, tenants don’t need to pay the upfront deposit, instead they can pay a small monthly fee. In exchange for this monthly fee, Romans will cover your property for the equivalent of 8 weeks’ rent – that’s 33% more protection than under the traditional deposit.

33% more cover

Despite the tenant not paying a deposit, Romans will indemnify your property in the case of damages up to 8 weeks’ rent. If there are damages at the end of the tenancy, Romans will liaise with the tenant during the check-out process to ensure any issues are rectified before the next tenancy begins.

Better quality tenants/financially mindful tenants

Under this new scheme, tenants’ rental payments will positively contribute towards their statutory Experian Credit Report. You, the landlord, can rest assured that tenants who opt for the No Deposit Option are motivated to improve their credit history, reducing the risk of missed or late rental payments.

More buzz around your property

The No Deposit Option was designed with both landlords and tenants in mind, tenants benefit from being in a better financial position whilst you benefit from the extra marketing exposure and increased interest from tenants looking for properties that are part of this exclusive scheme.

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