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15 Mar 2016

Spring clean your home ready for viewings

Author: Antony Gibson

Even in a strong market place with on-going demand from buyers, first impressions still make a huge difference and will play an important part in ensuring you maximise your sale price, so it’s important that your home is as presentable as it can be.

“In my experience the majority of prospective buyers will make a decision on the property they’re viewing within minutes” comments Antony Gibson, Residential Sales Director at Romans, “that’s not a lot of time and it shows how vital first impressions are.

“If getting the best price for your home is important to you then it is worthwhile spending some time giving it a good spring clean so viewers are seeing it in its best light – you can only make one first impression.”

No matter how much time you have; one hour, one day, or one week, here are some top tips for spring cleaning your home and creating the best first impressions you can…

How to spring clean your home in one hour

How to spring clean your home in one hour

With only one hour spare there’s not a lot you can do, so concentrate on the things that will make the biggest difference.

Step one

Find a washing basket, tote bag, or something similar and move from room to room collecting everything that’s out of place and doesn’t belong there. A good tidy and declutter will ensure each room is fit for purpose and viewers don’t trip over any children’s toys or your gym weights.

Step two

Clean and put bleach down all of your toilets and shut the lids and wipe down areas around the sinks in the bathrooms and kitchens. Load your dishwasher and don’t leave any dirty plates on the side or in your sink.

If you have time it’s worth quickly running the hoover around each room as well, and opening a couple of windows to let in some fresh air.

Step three

Finally, squirt some room spray, light a scented candle or open up the reed diffusers you got for Christmas to create a warming and welcoming smell as viewers enter your home.

“If this already sounds like a lot of work to do before every viewing then you might consider using our Open House service” says Antony.

“Open Houses are becoming more and more popular, as not only do they create a competitive atmosphere between buyers but they’re hugely convenient for sellers because you only need to prepare your home once.”

How to spring clean your home in one day

How to spring clean your home in one day

On top of everything listed above, if you have a few more hours spare you can really concentrate on making every single room looks its absolute best.


  • Replace any bathroom towels and bathmats that look a bit old
  • Thoroughly scrub the bath and sink to remove any tough stains
  • Wash your shower curtain or wipe down the screens around your shower
  • Put on a load of washing if the clothes basket is overflowing


  • Give the kitchen a good wipe down to remove any spills and crumbs; including the hob
  • Viewers often open cupboards and fridges so throw away any old food
  • Mop the floor so it’s left shiny
  • Put as much as you can away in cupboards so most of the worktops are visible, creating a feeling of more space
  • Empty the bins
  • If you have pets remove any smells by airing the dog blanket and/or cleaning out the cat litter

Living room

  • Plump up any cushions so the room looks comfortable and inviting
  • Dust all visible surfaces
  • Water any plants that look like they’re on their last legs and replace any flowers that are starting to wilt
  • If you have large windows then give them a quick wash so as much light is let into the room as possible
  • Consider washing your curtains if they’re starting to look a bit dirty


  • Replace the bed sheets and make the beds
  • Tidy the wardrobes and drawers – chances are they will be opened
  • Tidy away any shoes and clothes lying on the floor or over the back of chairs

Other tips

  • Ensure the spare room is fit for purpose, whether it’s a study, playroom, utility room, or gym
  • Fold and put away any clothes that are still drying on the clothes horse
  • Replace any bulbs that have stopped working
  • Put the heating on if the viewings are taking place during cooler months

You also need to consider your outdoor space; mowing the lawn and washing the windows is always a great start. To find out more about making small changes outside your home, read Romans’ article on creating great kerb appeal.

How to spring clean your home in one week

How to spring clean your home in one week

If you have time on your side, and a small budget, you can transform your home in just one week, creating a neutral, spacious and accommodating living space that will be the envy of all viewers, and hopefully attract the best offers.

Firstly, take a look at your home as if you’re an outsider; this is hard to do so you might need to ask for help from family or some very honest friends. Many people are good at using their imagination and seeing each room for the space it offers and seeing past the decoration and furniture, but not everyone! It is best practice to make each room as neutral as possible; so if you added some loud, flowery wallpaper to your bedroom now might be the time to remove it and add a lick of paint.

Does every room really represent exactly how it should be used? Consider investing in, or borrowing, some furniture. For example, if you have no dining table or chairs but there’s definitely space for them in your living room, or you actually have a dining room you just haven’t used it for that purpose, then get some. Or, maybe you have a spare room which would make an ideal study but you’ve just used it as an extra laundry space, consider moving a desk and chair in there.

“Dressing your house doesn’t need to cost anything if you have some helpful friends and it can make a big difference, especially for the viewers that don’t have a great imagination” adds Antony.

It’s also worth hiring a handyman for a couple of hours if you have a few things in need of repair; from door handles and light switches, to filling in holes on the walls and hanging the mirror that’s still leaning against the wall in your hallway.

Have you considered the feng shui of your home before? Maybe not, but some small changes in the layout of your home can create a much better flow throughout, guiding prospective buyers nicely from room to room. Read Romans’ guide and top tips for adding a touch of feng shui to your home.

Remember, there is a lot of competition between buyers at the moment, so if you’re planning on selling soon you may find you can get the price you want for your home without making any changes. Always talk to a local estate agent first, as they can provide you with an up to date property valuation and recommend the best way to present your home in order to appeal to as many buyers as possible.

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