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29 Oct 2018

5 Things Prospective Tenants Look For In A Rental Property

Author: Grace Watson

As the percentage of renters continues to increase year-on-year, tenants are staying in rented accommodation for longer than ever. Whilst this is great news for many landlords, long-term renters are demanding more than just a clean property when they scour the market for their next home which begs the question, ‘what do tenants look for in a rental property?’

Take a look through our 5 most frequent requests:


Location, location, location

This may seem an obvious point, but with the number of middle-aged tenants doubling, renting is fast becoming much more than just a stepping stone to a mortgage. Individuals choosing to rent are now demanding properties in locations offering a whole host of lifestyle possibilities. Rather than just wanting an easy commute, many prospective tenants are looking for homes close to amenities including supermarkets, health clubs, parks, cinemas and restaurants. Super long commutes, hour-long drives to socialise and miles to the nearest supermarket could be deal breakers for tenants who are looking for a long-term home. If your property is in a desirable location, you could attract higher-quality tenants.

Complete repair and maintenance works prior to the tenancy

Any repair works or maintenance issues with your rental property really ought to be rectified in advance of a new tenancy. It can be understandably frustrating for tenants to move into a property which requires obvious repair works, especially if they have been caused by previous tenants.

If you have a small window between tenancies, it’s best to get repair or maintenance issues seen to as soon as possible. Not only does this mean your new tenants can move into their new home stress-free, you stand to reduce the risk of potential maintenance faults within the property throughout the proceeding tenancy.


An easy-to-maintain garden

This is especially true for the younger generation. Young couples and busy families often do not have time to dedicate to gardening so the less to do, the better. Whilst 82% of people report that spending time in their garden increases their happiness, it’s widely reported that Brits manage to spend just 30 minutes outdoors per day, so a simple landscaped garden should do the trick to boost your property’s appeal whilst saving your future tenants time they don’t have.


Somewhere they can call ‘home’

The percentage of long-term tenants is continually on the rise, meaning that it’s more important than ever for tenants to feel connected to their rental properties. Bright orange walls and tired wallpaper isn’t going to make the cut in many instances, so help prospective tenants see your property as ‘home’ by freshening it up with light, airy colours and a lick of paint. There’s a lot to be said about first impressions, so a fresh, neutral décor will help draw preference to your property before others.

Suitable storage space

This is a particularly important point if you’re hoping to rent to students or a family, or if you’re considering letting your property furnished. Whilst many newer-build homes tend to feature built-in wardrobes and cupboards, older properties can be somewhat lacking when it comes to storage space. Why not consider allowing your family to use the loft space and garden shed? Or supply your student home with freestanding wardrobes and desks? If prospective tenants are able to relax in the knowledge that their belongings have room to breathe in their new abode besides them, your property could be the one for them.

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