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27 Jul 2018

5 top tips to save water (and money) long after the heat wave

Author: Grace Watson

While most of Britain’s population has basked in weeks of sunshine, relentlessly soaring temperatures have led to the threat of drought in some parts of the country.

In order to overcome the potential of water reserves drying out completely, some areas of the UK have now been poised for a hosepipe ban for several weeks. Whilst a nationwide hosepipe ban has not been enforced, we’ve put together some alternative tips and tricks to help you save water (and money) for the rest of summer and beyond, sparing your garden plants some thought.


1. Contact your water supplier for water-saving gadgets

Whilst ‘water-saving gadgets’ might not sound particularly cool, they’ll certainly help to save you a cool few pennies over the course of a year, especially as most suppliers will provide these products for free. Gadgets include water regulators, aerated shower heads, shower timers and LeakyLoo strips.


2. Either learn to love your brown grass, or water it after 9pm 

Granted, most of us would prefer to look out over luscious green locks of grass, but with our recent heat wave, many gardens are beyond saving. If you’re unable to resist hanging up your garden hose completely, try watering your plants after 9pm using leftover water from cooking. Not only are you saving at least twice the amount of water, any you do use is less likely to evaporate once the sun has gone down.



3. ‘Get round’ to fixing that leaky tap! 

Just one leaking tap can sacrifice up to 5,500 litres of water a year. Not only is the noise (and staining) of a leaky tap or radiator irritating, it’s a waste of water and money. A single dripping tap can cost £18 extra per year if you’re on a water meter, whilst a leaking toilet can add £300 to your annual bill. So, check showers, taps, boilers and pipework if you want to tighten your purse strings and offer some relief to the environment.


4. Swap your daily soak for a shower 

The average soak in a tub uses around 80 litres of water – a quick shower uses just one third of this and is far more refreshing in hot weather. Not convinced? It’s not just water you’ll be saving – a new love affair with your shower could knock £50 off of your annual water bill if you use a meter. Better still, reducing the length of your shower by just two minutes could save you an additional £44 per year on your water and energy bills!


5. Turn off the tap when cleaning your teeth 

The easiest tip of them all! You’ll save anywhere up to six litres of water per minute and shave around £35 per year off your water bill. What’s not to love?


If you’re the landlord of a rental property and would like to make some cost-effective changes to your property, contact your Property Manager or call 0808 2311 796 for more information on how Romans’ property services could help you.

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