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Open House

A Romans Open House is just one of the many approaches we use to ensure that our clients receive the full asking price for their property.

Open House is a popular service from Romans, whereby all prospective buyers are invited to visit your property on a single day. This complimentary service is effective for all property types, including; apartments, houses, new builds, listed buildings, town centre locations and secluded countryside retreats.

Inviting all prospective buyers to view your property on a single day is not only more convenient for you, but it creates a competitive atmosphere, often resulting in buyers placing higher offers.

Benefits of selling with an Open House

An Open House is a great way to sell a home for a number of reasons, including:

  • Benefit from the additional marketing of an Open House event
  • An Open House is a good indicator on the level of buyer interest on your property
  • With a high number of potential buyers visiting your property in a short space of time, you don’t have the stress of having to regularly dress your home before normal viewings and arrange mutually convenient times
  • Non-committal buyers may be more inclined to attend an Open House as they can turn up on the day without a prior appointment
  • Cautious buyers may be less intimidated by attending an Open House that is led by the agent and not the homeowner

How does an open house work?

We manage the whole process for you, from sending out invitations to our extensive buyer database (by post and email), and phoning customers we know are actively looking for a property like yours, to advertising your Open House in the local press.

On the day of the Open House, one or more experienced agents from your local Romans office will be on hand, guiding the attendees through your property and answering any questions, similar to a regular viewing.

The competitive atmosphere can often lead to buyers making on the spot offers. Your dedicated agent will look after all of the negotiations on your behalf in order to achieve the best price for your property.