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Commercial Valuations

Romans’ Surveyors can provide you with accurate, up-to-date commercial property valuations. We work closely with investors, developers, fund managers, banks, building societies and property companies, helping all of our clients get the right price for their commercial property.

Our Chartered Surveyors work across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey providing up to date, accurate commercial valuations.

Lease negotiations

Negotiating new commercial terms to reflect changes in the market and the law can sometimes cause resistance between tenants and landlords. Three common areas of dispute in commercial lease negotiations are:

  • Repair and decoration liabilities
  • The ability to sublet and assign
  • Rental review

Our lease advisory team can provide both landlords and tenants with expert advice to ensure your new commercial terms fit within the current marketplace.

Lease Renewals

Romans’ Chartered Surveyors have experience of representing landlords and tenants through the lease renewal process. The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 governs lease renewals and gives tenants the right to a new lease on similar terms to the existing lease but with an updated rent.

Lease renewals can be very complex so we provide expert advice to help you maximise the opportunities presented by a lease expiry.

Viability Study

A Viability study is a site by site appraisal is provided to establish the viability of a scheme based on a varying mix of Section 106 contributions

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Rent Reviews

Many commercial leases include provisions for regular rent reviews, over the entire course of the lease term, typically occurring every three to five years.

Rent review clauses set out when each review will take place, the method of review, assumptions and disregards to be made when valuing the premises for the purpose of rent review, the procedure to be followed, and methods for dealing with disputes if they arise.

Please contact us directly on 0333 9200 583 to find out more about our property lease advice.

Get lease advice from industry experts
John Cousins

John Cousins, Chartered Surveyor

A Chartered Surveyor with over 25 years’ experience, John has considerable experience undertaking loan security valuations on all forms of property, including development land within the Thames Valley.

John utilises his local knowledge to advise clients on the acquisition and disposal of property, as well as advising on landlord and tenant matters and acting as an expert witness.

RICS commercial valuations

Our expert Surveyors can provide you with an accurate valuation as part of their survey.

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Advice on lease extensions

We understand the views of both the landlord and tenant, and aim to develop and maintain a good relationship between both to enable us to achieve the best outcome and resolve any issues with the lease extension.

For landlords, we provide:

  • An accurate view of local market values and trends, to help maximise investment values
  • Property management and rent reviews
  • Lease renewal and rent review negotiation

For tenants, we provide:

  • Advice to challenge rent increases
  • Cost control and lease re-structure
  • Control of service charges and other costs

  • Dispute resolution

If the relationship breaks down between landlord and tenant, we aim to settle the dispute quickly, satisfactorily and amicably.

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