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Dilapidations from Romans Surveyors

We act on behalf of landlords and tenants for a large variety of dilapidation cases and can offer advice covering all elements of commercial property maintenance. We are particularly experienced within the pub, retail office and industrial sectors.

Following the requirements of RICS’ (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) Pre-action Protocol for Dilapidations, we inspect hundreds of commercial properties around the UK every year and advise our clients on the condition and their responsibility for dilapidations.

The service we provide includes:

  • Consideration of the property lease and applicable side documents
    • Inspection to gather information
      • Preparation of dilapidations schedule
        • Pricing of remedial works
          • Negotiations with landlord or tenant and their representatives
            • Acting as expert witness in the dilapidation procedure
              • Construction monitoring/project management of requisite building works

              Without a dilapidations procedure in place there are often disputes between landlords and tenants at the expiry of the lease. A Schedule of Condition should be put in place at the beginning of a lease, as part of the contract, so both parties understand what condition the property should be left in at the end of the lease.

              Schedule of Condition

              Tenants risk losing thousands of pounds on repairs if a Schedule of Condition is not in place. It is the document that establishes the condition of the building at the beginning of the lease.

              We work with our clients to provide extremely detailed Schedules of Condition to avoid any unneccesary and expensive disputes, during or at the end of a lease.

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John Cousins

John Cousins, BSc MRICS

A Chartered Surveyor with over 25 years experience, John has considerable experience undertaking loan security valuations on all forms of property, including development land within the Thames Valley.

John utilises his local knowledge to advise clients on the acquisition and disposal of property, as well as advising on landlord and tenant matters and acting as an expert witness.

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Our expert Surveyors can provide you with an accurate valuation as part of their survey.

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Schedule of Dilapidations

Romans’ Chartered Surveyors have experience of representing landlords and tenants in the dilapidations process. The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 governs lease renewals and gives tenants the right to a new lease on similar terms to the existing lease but with an updated rent.

The Schedule of Dilapidations tends to be referred to at the end of the lease, or at a break in the clause. If the correct advice is not taken, there is a risk of losing a substantial amount of money on the costs of building repairs.

Landlords can even find that the value of their property is endangered if the tenant disregards an issue that impacts on the fabric or structure of the building. Tenants must be warned in advance of any neglect and this is where Romans Surveyors can help. A Schedule of Dilapidations often prevents any issues occurring, however, if neglect does arise, this schedule will assist with any financial claims.

Romans Surveyors acts on behalf of landlords and tenants for all dilapidations across South East England and West London and South East England. Contact our team of expert commercial surveyors to find out more.

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