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Planned Maintenance Surveys

Acting on behalf of property freeholders, landlords, tenants and commercial property owners, Romans Surveyors establish the condition of property to enable the owner to plan future maintenance.

Building components will deteriorate with time and constant use; a planned maintenance survey will help to ensure your properties and their components function adequately. Planned maintenance also helps to preserve the value of a property and satisfies legal obligations. It is often a very challenging and complex survey, which draws on a full range of skills.

Romans’ planned maintenance surveyors

Often, when working on a portfolio of properties, planned maintenance is essential in helping clients to allocate funds appropriate to the condition of each property, and put together a thorough maintenance strategy, in order to ensure the properties are kept in good condition and to a statutory compliant standard.

Romans surveyors work with the client to put together a very detailed schedule of building defects, prioritising the more costly remedial repairs. We can also offer advice on the budgeting of the project, if desired.

Working from several offices in the South East of England our surveyors can carry out planned maintenance surveys for all manner of property types across this area and the West of London.

Spirit planned maintenance programme

A recent inspection involved inspecting 840 properties in a three-month period on behalf of Spirit, in order for the client to establish a base point for a new planned maintenance programme. The process involved identifying the client's requirements, formulating a stock condition survey procedure, and then piloting and running the condition survey.

As part of the property inspection, each element was graded, repairs prioritised and budget costings incorporated. The information was provided to Spirit as an electronic database for use by Spirit’s estate managers.

We offer a tailored, planned maintenance service, providing a programme that helps clients to manage and budget for an effective and cost efficient estate.

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