Showing your home at its best and capturing buyers' attention is key to a successful sale – but this can certainly be more challenging in the cold and dark winter months.

Kevin Shaw, our Sales Managing Director, says: “It can be difficult to show off the best features of a property in poor weather or on days where it gets dark early. But by following a few simple steps, sellers can create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting to improve saleability during the winter.”

He has put together a list of his top five tips on how to make your home stand out at this time of year.

1) First impressions

Buyers will make a judgement on your home within seconds of setting eyes on it, so focusing on the outside area is a must. It is common for paths, driveways and entrances to look dull and dirty, so be prepared to sweep up and clean as much as possible to make your property more appealing.

2) Warmth and light

Warmth and light are two qualities that will make your home more inviting in the winter months. If the viewing is taking place after dark make sure both the inside and outside of your home are well lit, and that all lights, including security lights, are working. Curtains and blinds should be opened as widely as possible to allow natural light inside, and on a dull day switch on lights to help brighten rooms. Buyers will be put off by a cold house, so ensure the heating is on or light a fire to create a warm and cosy environment.

3) Focus on floors

Treading in dirt, rain, snow and leaves is a frequent occurrence in the winter and can't be helped, but dirty floors and carpets will be off-putting for buyers. To set the right impression, make a special effort to keep your floors clean and tidy.

4) A cared-for garden

Your garden takes the brunt of bad weather and it is easy to let it get out of hand in the winter. However buyers can be put off if they believe too much work is required to get the garden back in shape, so ensure you stay on top of it before putting a property on the market. Mow the lawn (if it isn't covered in snow that is!), cut back branches, fix anything broken like the shed door or garden gate, and trim larger bushes.

5) Tackling seasonal maintenance

There are a number of tasks that need to be done during winter which you should stay on top of so buyers can see your home is well maintained. These include clearing drains of dead leaves and making sure gutters and down pipes are not blocked or leaking. It is worth making the effort to get those maintenance tasks sorted, as signs of these problems can be off-putting for buyers.

Kevin adds: “Small touches can make all the difference when it comes to selling in winter, so it is worth the extra time spent on enhancing your home’s appeal before viewings.

“Now is a great time to put your property on the market, as thousands of buyers are looking to move for various reasons following the unpredictability of 2020.”

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