A tenant has decided to end the tenancy and wants to make sure that they get all their deposit money back. However, there are a variety of issues that can allow a landlord to deduct money from a tenant’s deposit to pay for repairs and cleaning.

A new independent study has highlighted a few common issues that are cited by landlords when deducting funds from a tenant’s deposit: 

·         29% of tenants have experienced a deduction due to broken chairs, tables, door handles and other items

·         24% of tenants have been penalised due to marks on the walls, this includes finger marks

·         21% of tenants had to compensate for carpet stains

·         12% of tenants have had a deduction for redecorating the property without the landlords permission

·         9% of tenants have experienced a deduction for mould

Michael Cook, Romans Lettings Managing Director, says: “Returning deposits can cause disputes between landlords and tenants, so it is important that a detailed inventory is drawn up at the start and a proper check in and check out process is followed. Using a professional lettings agent to deal with all these details reduces the risk of a dispute over the deposit when a tenant moves out.

Deposit protection is essential for landlords as it provides security that any damage caused can be repaired at no financial loss. It is mandatory that the tenants deposit is held in a deposit protection scheme so both parties are protected.”

Any loss or damage to the property during the tenancy must be reported to the landlord or the letting agent to minimise any loss of deposit and damage to the property.

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