Homeowners who are keen to ensure their biggest investment continues to increase in value regardless of the market trends are improving before they move. In a market where pricing is make or break for many buyers, sellers are boosting their chances of securing an offer by ensuring their home is in tip-top condition.  

The housing market is unpredictable and with the best will in the world, no one can guarantee what is going to happen to the value of your home in the next 5 or even 10 years. Many homeowners are taking their home’s resale fate into their own hands with renovation projects big and small.

Tidying up your gardentidy up your garden

Maintaining your garden can be done in one weekend and will not only add value to your home but will also help create a winning first impression which is priceless. With tenants spending longer in rental accommodation, gardens are becoming a rental must-have.

Fixing and maintaining the exterior

Repainting doors and windows, fixing any defects in the exterior and cleaning out the gutters all help add to your properties curb appeal and boost the value of your home. For just a few hour’s work, you can add thousands to the value of your home. Picking a daring door colour will also help your property stick out in the minds of prospective buyers and tenants.

Building an extension

This home improvement may take a little longer so if you want to move right away it may not be feasible, but for landlords building an extension not only adds an extra room for your tenants to enjoy but will also boost the value of the home by up to 20%!

Refurbishing the kitchenrefurbishing the kitchen

Kitchens are often the most important rooms for buyers and tenants, having high-quality appliances and well-maintained cabinets and cupboards will increase the property’s value as buyers and tenants will want to avoid forking out on costly repairs and replacements.

Replacing the carpets

Ripping out old, worn down carpets and replacing with either a new neutral carpet or even better hardwood floor will increase the value of your property. For landlords, we recommend wooden or laminate floor, it is much more likely to last longer and there’s less risk of it getting stained or damaged.

Whether you are hoping to sell in the next few months or, are a landlord hoping to make rental profit, these home improvements are likely to help your property continue to increase in value.

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