How does our bespoke Home Finder service work?

Struggling to find your next home? Nothing on the market that is quite right? Our bespoke Home Finder service is just what you need!

This bespoke service is designed to help our customers find their dream home - giving you the unique opportunity to access properties before they’re advertised anywhere else!

Once you’ve instructed us to sell your existing home we will arrange a Home Finder consultation to find out exactly what you’re looking for. We then immediately start looking for the home of your dreams by speaking to our large database of homeowners and past customers.

Book your consultation today...

To book a Home Finder consultation with one of our experienced agents call us on:

01344 985 952

not on market

Not on the market

We're in contact with hundreds of customers whose homes are either not on the market yet, or they're low-key sellers who don't want to publicly advertise their home for sale.

target drops

Targeted letter drops

As part of the home hunting process we personally write to homeowners living in the areas and roads you would like to focus on, to let them know a serious buyer is interested in their home.

news ads

Newspaper adverts

We provide personalised adverts in relevant local newspapers to attract people who are thinking of selling.


Property alerts

Property alerts will be emailed over the moment a new home that matches your criteria is listed for sale.

first look

'First look' access

As soon as a home we think you'd like is about to come onto the market we will let you know. And, at the seller's discretion we can sometimes arrange an advanced 'first look' viewing too.

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