When the time comes to sell your property, getting the best price is high on most people’s agenda, especially if you’re relying on that equity to purchase your next home. The small upgrades listed below won’t cost a lot of money but could make a big difference to the value of your home. 

There are no guarantees though, as after all a house is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. So, we recommend talking to a local estate agent first to find out what sort of appetite there is from local buyers. This will help you determine whether it’s better to make some changes now in order to appeal to more buyers, or put your house on the market straight away because the demand is already high.

1. Create space

Buyers want more for their money, so do what you can to create a feeling of spacious living accommodation. Knocking down a wall and creating an open plan living area is an option, or you can simply de-clutter and add mirrors to the smaller rooms and hallways.

“We recommend that all of our sellers present each room in their house exactly as it should be used” comments Kevin Shaw, Director of Sales at Romans.

Create Space“Removing all of the junk from your spare room and turning it into an extra bedroom or study can make all the difference, and if you’ve got space for a dining table and chairs get one. Put as much as you can into storage, including any spare furniture, and the exercise bike you’ve stored in the corner of your lounge for the last two years! Some buyers have a fantastic imagination but it’s hard for many to imagine how a room could work for them, so show them.”

For inspiration take a look at a few of the new homes currently on the market, they nearly all offer open plan living spaces because this is what modern family living is all about.

2. Outdoor living

Kerb AppealMany buyers love the idea of a garden and/or outdoor living area but not the upkeep they fear it can bring. So, make sure your outdoor space is well looked after, even if gardening is not your thing buyers could be put off if there’s a jungle in your back garden.

If you have a bigger budget then it might be worth calling in the local landscape gardeners, but if not, creating an area for outdoor dining and giving your garden a good tidy, including mowing the lawn and cutting back the hedges, can make all the difference.

3. Give your home kerb appeal

Don’t forget about the outdoor space at the front of your house too; first impressions count and if you’re lucky enough to have a front garden then make sure it looks welcoming.

“In today’s competitive property market you need to make sure your home stands out” adds Kevin. “You often only have one chance to give potential buyers the right impression; whether they’re driving past your home, scrolling through properties online, or they’ve received a property alert from Romans.

“Start by looking at your home from a visitor’s point of view; something as simple as repainting the front door can make all the difference.”

4. Fix the leaky taps

Fix the leaky tapsTake a proper look at your home as if you have never seen it before and fix all the small things you’ve stopped noticing over the years. This could include leaky taps, rusty radiators, chipped tiles, replacing door handles or upgrading light fittings.

These jobs are only minor but buyers will mentally start to put together a list of everything that needs to be fixed or updated; the more that’s on that list the bigger the jobs start to seem.

5. Neutralise

NeutraliseYour child’s bright pink bedroom might not have been your idea but now is the time to neutralise. Some buyers can easily see past garish wallpaper and brash wall art, but others can’t, and the best way to get the right price for your house is to appeal to as many people as possible.

Your house doesn’t need to look like a show home, but spending a weekend painting a neutral colour in the key rooms, or touching up chipped paint can make a big difference. Plus, neutral colours create a feeling of space so you’re killing two birds with one stone.

Remember to always talk to a local estate agent first. They can provide an up to date property valuation and recommend the best way to present your home in order to appeal to as many buyers as possible.




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