The main difference between a Building Survey and HomeBuyer Report is that the survey is a lot more comprehensive, and gives you a highly detailed review on the condition of your property.

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What type of survey do I need for my property?

As explained above, the two main types of residential survey from RICS are the Building Survey and the HomeBuyer Report. Although it is down to you, as the owner or purchaser, to choose which survey is the right one for your needs, there are some guidelines in place to help you decide.

HomeBuyer Report is generally better for properties that:

  • were built within the last 100 years
  • are of more conventional design
  • are built from common building materials
  • are in a reasonable condition, as far as you can tell,

While a Building Survey is generally better for properties that:

  • are much older and built more than 100 years ago
  • have undergone major extension or alteration
  • are much larger and offer extensive accommodation
  • you plan to alter in the future
  • are of non-traditional construction.
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What is a RICS HomeBuyer Report?

homebuyer reportA RICS HomeBuyer Report, or Home Survey, is conducted by an RICS qualified surveyor, who carries out a detailed visual inspection of your property, or the one you want to buy. The report you are supplied with following the inspection uses easy to understand ‘traffic light’ ratings, so you can clearly see the property’s condition and any areas of concern.

It includes comments on the condition of the property, provides guidance to legal advisers, highlights any urgent defects, a market valuation, insurance rebuild costs, advice on defects that may affect the value of the property with repairs, and ongoing maintenance advice.

The Home Survey can be organised with an independent surveyor, such as Romans Surveyors.

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What is a RICS Building Survey?

building surveyBuilding Survey is the most comprehensive home survey, and is therefore ideal for older properties, or if you’re planning any major works. This report includes all the elements of a HomeBuyer Report, apart from the valuation, as well as a more in-depth analysis of the property’s condition. The report you receive will include detailed advice on defects, repairs and maintenance options.

An estimate of repair is also often offered by the surveyor as an optional extra, as part of the report.

Once you’ve decided what type of survey you require you can request an online surveying quote before you instruct one of Romans’ Chartered Surveyors so you know how much it will cost. Alternatively, if you have any questions about our surveys please do not hesitate to contact Romans Surveyors on 0845 4856 668.






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