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The Romans Lettings team would be happy to help you find a new property to rent. Many of our properties can be viewed with Virtual guided tours, so you can search for a new home, from the comfort of your current home to see if you love it. Found a property you like already? Contact the local branch to arrange a Virtual Viewing today.

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The Residency

Whether you're renting for the first time, starting a new chapter with your partner or moving into the ideal family home, the Residency offers something for all tenants. 


    • Saving you money - No Deposit option

      Say goodbye to months of saving and hello to deposit-free renting. To help reduce day-to-day costs you can access exclusive discounts, take advantage of up to £100 credit when opening a Virgin Media bundle account as well as discounts on domestic appliances from Russell Hobbs.

    • Protecting you

      Your membership entitles you to free and impartial legal advice with our Legal Helpline. If renting alone we can help with drawing up simple Cohabitation Agreement to protect everyone's interests. Look after your loved ones with a property drafted Will prepared by a panel of qualified solicitors. 

    • Planning your future

      Thanks to our partnership with Experian, keeping up with your rental payments now contributes towards your credit history. If your goal is to purchase a home  - book in with one of our fully qualified mortgage advisors who will give you all the advice you need to get onto the property ladder. Keep an eye on the future with a free Credit Score Review as well as a Workplace Pension Review.


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10 key steps to renting your next home

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Step 1:Set your budget

Organise your finances to give yourself a good indication of what you can afford - don't forget to check our tenant information regarding deposits you may need to pay. You may also be able to take advantage of our no deposit option


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Step 2: Start home hunting

Register for rental property alerts and speak to the team at your local lettings agents so they can let you know as soon as new properties come onto the market.

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Step 3: Viewings

Visit the property at different times of the day and make notes on every viewing. 

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Step 4: Secure your home

Once you've chosen which home you'd like to rent, be prepared to act quickly. Make sure you have all the necessary documents ready, including a form of identification.

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Step 5: Credit and reference checks

You will need to provide references to your prospective landlord and letting agent to confirm that you have rented in the past without any major problems.

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Step 6: The deposit

Once the deposit is paid in full, the property is secured - congratulations if the property you rent is managed by us, your deposit will be protected by a specialist independent company.

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Step 7: Tenancy agreement

You will now need to check and sign the Tenancy Agreement, which is a legally binding document that sets out the terms of the tenancy and protects the rights of both the landlord and yourself.

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Step 8: Moving in Day

With your references, paperwork and invoices complete, it's time to move in! If the property is managed by Romans, our Move Management team will provide you with all the information you need, including when the key for your new home will be ready for collection.

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Step 9: During your tenancy

If the property is managed by us, we will arrange a couple of property inspections throughout the year to check everything is in order.

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Step 10: Renewal or moving out

With agreement from the landlord, we can arrange a tenancy renewal. If the property is managed by us, we’ll arrange a check-out with an independent inventory company to ensure the property has been left in an appropriate condition.

If there are no disputes on the property’s condition, your deposit should be returned ten days after the agreement has been received.

Report & Repair

  • It's now quick and easy for you to report repairs

    • Faster fixes: Detailed reports let us fix your issues quickly and efficiently
    • Fewer Issues: Provides guidance on how to self diagnose and resolve simple problems yourself
    • Clearer communication: Report in your native language with 40+ languages
    • Easy tracking: You get a time and date stamped record if you make a repair request

Protection and peace of mind...

Our contents insurance for tenants offers affordable protection for all of your belongings.


Virgin Media offer

We've partnered with Virgin Media to offer an exclusive package for all of our tenants.


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