Property, like us, can develop creaks and groans so it’s important to keep on top of minor issues particularly when selling your home.

trying to hideIf there are aspects of your property that require attention or work, be open about them. Trying to hide problems is likely to cause issues in the long run. The buyers will find out at some point, through surveys, searches or asking questions, and there is also legislation that requires disclosure. Be upfront and honest, it will save a lot of time for you and the potential buyers making the process much easier.

“It’s tempting to hope that those issues you know about will never be spotted, so be upfront” explains Antony Gibson, Romans Sales Managing Director. “We have been able to successfully sell many properties where there would appear to be ‘significant issues’. The success has come from letting potential buyers know from the outset.”


You are selling your house - de-clutter! Do not leave the washing out, or leave the bathroom with towels across the floor. If you have children, make sure their toys are put away, as the last thing you want is a prospective buyer falling over a toy car.

flowersThink about showcasing your house at its best; put flowers out and make sure the house smells pleasant, and the best features are on display. Nobody expects to walk into a show house, but clean and de-cluttered houses have been proven to sell better.


flexibilityYou want buyers to buy your house, so it’s important that you are as flexible as possible and try and accommodate the viewing process. Antony comments: “We understand that most people have hectic lifestyles, so we are able to take on all the viewings on your behalf; a Romans Open House is an excellent way in which to coordinate viewings.

Marketing your home

marketingA very common mistake when choosing an estate agency to help you sell your home is not checking what marketing is available to you. Make sure you are asking the right questions, your property is normally the most valuable asset you have; getting the sale wrong could prove costly. Do not be restrictive when asking your estate agent questions, based on what you want to achieve, such as:

  • You want to sell your house in an achievable timescale for the best priceOpen house quote
  • You want to appoint a professional experienced team to handle it
  • You want them to have access to a wide register of potential buyers
  • You want them to use both the very best traditional methods and the best online exposure
  • At the same time you want to know you will receive good customer service 

Take a look at our article on how to think like a professional when selling your home to ensure you don't fall for the common mistakes.

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