It’s common for tenants to assume that renting means they have to abide by their landlord’s decorative taste, but this isn’t always true. Though it’s important to seek permission from your landlord before making alterations to your new home, many will be happy for you to personalise the property in a way that will make it feel more homely.

Stuck for ideas? Here are some of our tips on how you can make your new home more ‘you’!

Display photographs and artwork to your taste

Often a quick and painless solution, hanging some of your favourite photos and investing in the artwork you love is a great start. The chances are the landlord – or the tenants living in the property before you – will have hung items on the walls already, so be sure to hang your wall art from these in the first instance. However, if this isn’t the case, seek permission from your landlord to use three-pin hooks – these are cheap and easy to fit while causing minimal damage to walls.

Use soft furnishings as a way of personalising your space

Another quick win is to make a small investment in soft furnishings to your taste. Many rental properties come kitted out with curtains, blinds and (if furnished) cushions and rugs, but replacing these with items you already own or purchasing new ones more to your taste can instantly make a property feel more homely. If you decide to do this, make sure your landlord’s property is stored neatly and safely, so they can be re-displayed at the end of your tenancy agreement.

Don’t forget to accessorise!

This is a great tip, especially if your rental home is looking a little sparse. Candles, lanterns, personalised crockery, house plants and rugs are affordable yet bring personality to any home. Don’t be afraid to pack the space full of your favourite things – your property will feel like home in no time! Mirrors are also a great way of creating the illusion of more space by reflecting light around each room – perfect if your property is small.

Give the garden some attention

If you have a garden or balcony area, don’t underestimate the power of putting your stamp on it! Autumn is perfect for planting new bulbs ahead of the spring and summer months, so pick your favourite flowers and wait for them to bloom. If you enjoy socialising at home, investing in some garden furniture is a great idea – perfect for warmer evenings and long bank holiday weekends spent at home with friends and family.

Personalising your rental home doesn’t need to be expensive, but a few small tweaks and savvy investments can make the world of difference, no matter how long you intend on staying for.

Not sure where to start and want to clarify if your landlord is happy for you to make small changes? Speak to your property manager or contact your local Romans lettings team.